Not a Hookup App. 

Not a Shidduch App.

Traditional Jewish Dating. Reimagined.

Jewish Dating

Date on your own terms

Retain full autonomy over who you match with. Like any other dating app, our algorithm suggests matches based on your filters. However, unlike other apps, you only get three suggestions a day, so consider carefully.

Finally, a Traditional Dating App.

This app -- in its features, its branding, and its user base -- is a sincere and authentic Traditional Jewish dating experience. We aim to foster serious and long-term relationships. 

Organic Experience

We know what Jews do when dating, so we're building it into Basheret, whether it be setting up your friends or Jewish geography.

Not a Hookup App and Not a Shidduch Resume App

It's not about the picture, it's about the person. We ensure that every profile is browsed for its contents and not just its picture. You must tap into and browse every profile for at least ten seconds.

Meet The Team

Asher Naghi

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Maia Groman

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Joey Levin

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